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Monique, a self proclaimed "Jack of all Trades," is a certified sex & intimacy coach, public speaker, certified event planner, master accountant, and Real Estate agent in the Atlanta area.

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An initial assessment on the areas of improvement or the goals you are seeking. 

A series of questions that will help me guide you to your roadmap of success.

This discovery call is free and confidential.

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Are you wanting to improve your relationship?

Are you looking to improve your sexual confidence or intimacy issues? 

Are you wanting to learn how being in the present can help improve all areas of life?

These individual session are for you.

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Are you having difficulty communicating your wants and needs with your partner?

Are you wanting to improve your relationship with your partner?

Are you needing to  resolve sexual or intimacy issues with your partner?

These session are great for couples experiencing any of these obstacles

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